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With the 15 Years of experience in the building construction industry, RN Group of Companies is investing in its fifth manufacturing complex, RN Innovative Products (Pvt) Ltd, to expand its market capacity in local market as well as in the global market with most modern range of construction related raw material production systems.

RN Innovative products (Pvt) Ltd is a BOI approved Enterprise, situated at Export processing Zone, Mirijjawila, Hambanthota, Sri Lanka.

The Company consists of four production facilities to manufacture major construction raw materials.

The state of art production facilities are manufacturing & supplying of those products expecting to cater to Local & Foreign market, by using of its locational advantage being close to Hambanthota Port.

Concrete and Cement Products

Ready Mix Concrete & Construction related Concrete Products.

A fully automated ready mix concrete plant with its delivery system using mixer trucks and pump cars expecting to fulfill the requirement of quality ready mix concrete demand in the future development of the developing city of Hambanthota and its suburbs.

The plant will produce all grades of ready-mix concrete under ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system and will equipped with modern equipments for laboratories requirement by its Clients.

Total investment of the ready mix plant includes 60 m3/Hr fully automated concrete Batching Plant, Cement Storage Silos, Sand severs, 8-10 Nos. Ready mix concrete delivery Trucks 02 Nos. Concrete Pump Cars and ready mixed material delivery system using 03 Nos. Dump Truck.

Further, all type of Pre-cast concrete products such as Hume pipes, curb stones, culverts, man holes, concrete paving tiles etc. will also be produced in the future to add more product range to the industry, as per the demand in the local & foreign market.

Cement Blocks, Paving & Construction related Cement Products.

This is a most modern fully automated cement product manufacturing plant to produce all types of cement products for the construction industry, such as Hollow Cement Blocks, Cellular Cement Blocks and Solid Cement Blocks, different types of cement interlocking Paving and paving Tiles etc.

The Complete Production facility includes cement storage silos, fine and course aggregate hoppers, mixing unit, and Block making machine, colouring equipment and automatic stacker, to cater for large scale production capacities.

Daily production will be stored inside a covered storage area of over 35,000 Sq. Ft for necessary curing, prior to do the delivery.

The Facility will include for our own delivery system up to clients description including installation also.

Classic Paver
Uni Paver
Modern Paver
Cobble Paver

Steel Pre-Engineered & Pre-Fabricated Buildings & Structures

This will be the first and most modern state of the art steel Building manufacturing unit in this country, having fully automated manufacturing facilities for the total production line of almost 150 m long production line.

The Manufacturing unit will be in 35,000 Sq. Ft Factory Building with overhead cranes includes automatic flame cutting unit, assembly unit, automatic welding Plant, Straightening Plant shot blasting unit and painting unit.

This Pre-Engineered Structure manufacturing will produce most modern and economized buildings than Pre-Fabricated Structures, generally available in the local market.

Hence, expecting to export our products to the global market, especially to South-east Asian Countries.

With the capacity of this plant, the group is expecting to grove its local market capacity from 50% - 70% within the next two years.

The same plant will produce, Pre-Fabricated Structures and all types of steel structures such as Bridges, Telecommunication Towers and all types of steel structures for the construction industry requirements.

Steel Roofing Products & Construction related Steel Products

To provide total solution in steel building requirements and to produce a “Branded Building Product”, this plant will produce all required roofing, cladding, Purlin, and all accessories such as gutters, down pipes, Flashing, Louvers etc. for steel building construction industry.

This production facility will be an enclosed new factory building with overhead cranes of almost 30,000 Sq. Ft floor area to do all expected production system.

Further, this plant will produce steel sandwich Panels for use in building industry for roofing, Cladding, Ceiling and Wall partitioning, using its fully automated, most modern manufacturing plant.

Different types of roofing products, and walling products with most modern construction related Steel products will be manufacturing in its second stage of investment.


RNI Zincaluminium

Cross section of Zincaluminium steel

Outstanding Features of Zincaluminium sheets

Excellent corrosion resistant Superb thermal reflection ratio Superior heat resistance. Cut edge protection Form ability


Zincaluminium is an ideal alloy of Aluminum and Zinc. It consist of

  • Aluminum - 55.0%
  • Zinc - 43.4%
  • Silicon - 01.6%

Minimum yield strength 550 MPa
Minimum coating mass. 150g/m2

Zinc Aluminum steel (AZ150) last up to 4 times to Galvanized iron (Z275) steel in similar environment conditions.


Percentage of Metalic Coating Remaining

Comparison of metallic coating remaining on the surface. Of Zincaluminium Steel AZ150 and Galvanized Z275 steel after 10 years of exposure at site ranging  from rural to serve marine environment.

RNI Colour Coated (Prepainted) Roofing Sheets

Minimum yield strength - 550 MPa
Minimum Coating Mass - 150g/m2
Painting Thickness (Top) - 25 microns
Painting Thickness (Bottom) - 05-07 microns epoxy primer service coat. (High performance aesthetics of an superior oven-baked finish)
Outstanding Features - superbly resist chipping, cracking, peeling and fading.

RNI Roofing & Walling Sheet

Roofing Profile

RNI Roofing is a subtle square double fluted steel profile for modern look. The fluting in the spans provides strength & long spanning capabilities further alternate rib and the flute of the Roof Profile adding further strength to the sheet profile.

Base Metal Thickness (mm) Total Coated Thickness (mm) Mass per Ares (Kg/m2) Sheet Cover Width (mm) Nominal Sheet Depth (mm) Minimum Recommended Roof Slope Maximum Recommended Roof Supports Spacing for Normal conditions
0.42 0.47 4.34 762 29 30 (1 in 20) 1900mm internal span
1300mm end span
0.35 0.40 3.64 762 29 30 (1 in 20) 1400mm internal span
1100mm end span

Fastening Method

Crimp Curve Sheet

Applications: - Weather Sheds, Verandas, Bus Stops, Car Parks, Shop Awnings, Walkways, or any type of industrial, Commercial and domestic requirement.

Recommended Radius for convex spring curving

  • Profile : 0.47mm TCT RNI Roofing
  • Min.Radius : 20 Degrees
  • Purlin Spacing : 1200 mm

RNI Wall Cladding Sheets

RNI - Cladding
Architecturally pleasing cladding profile with low rib height makes it appropriate for internal and external partitions with more covering width.

RNI Glvanized Purlins

"C" Purlin

Product Range
Wide range of purlins available for.
“C” and ”Z” from 75 mm – 350 mm height
Available in any Lengths with punched holes as per the customers’ requirements.

“C” Purlins are used for simply supported spans with the purlin butted at internal support. “C” sections are not lapped, but could be butt jointed with cleats and bolts. Final appearance will be very much tidy and secure, since the profile is “Roll formed”. Available in any lengths.

"C" Sections - Dimensions

Type Dimensions - mm
C75 75 30 6
C100 100 50 16.5
C150 150 65 16.5
C200 200 76 21.5
C250 250 76 22.5
C300 300 75 31.5

"Z" Purlin

“Z” Purlins are one broad (B) and one narrow flange (C) is designed to lap two sections of the same size together securely. RNI “Z” sections can be lapped in same depth and different thickness since the profile is “Roll formed”. Available in any lengths.

"Z" Sections - Dimensions

Type Dimensions - mm
Z100 100 53 49 14.5
Z150 150 65 61 19.5
Z200 200 79 74 21.5
Z250 250 79 74 21.0
Z300 300 100 93 31.0
Z350 350 129 121 30.0

RNI Standard Flashing & Cappings

Ridge Cap

Valley Gutters


Box Gutters

Gable Cap


Barge Cap

Apron Flashing


Bottom Capping

Window Capping


Corner Capping - External

Corner Capping - Internal

RNI Gutters

RNI Louvers

RNI Rainwater Accessories

Gutter End Cap



Down Pipe Bend

Gutter Box



Gutter Bends

RNI Structural Decking

RNI is the first only manufacturer of Structural Steel Decking sheets in Sri Lanka. The material used by us is 0.75 Zincaluminium coated steel which is much better compared to galvanized steel available in the market. This is due to the fact that Zincaluminium has 4 times the life time of Galvanize. It has a 1020 mm effective width which is wider than the decking available in the market thereby reducing the number of laps and covering higher area.

RNI Decking could be used in the building construction industry to be highly economical, flexible & strong method of form work and also a reinforced system for composite concrete slabs. It is available in Non Colour and needs no painting or maintenance. Due to the high standard of finish on the surface, ceiling panels are not required underneath the decking, making it a very cost effective method of construction. Suitable to be used in multistory buildings, mezzanine floors etc., since tempory propping is not required in floor concreat work.

RNI Prestige Panel

RNI Prestige Panel (Medium)

RNI Prestige Panel (Small)

RNI Prestige Panel is a high end product for more professional type of ceilings and walling in office etc.

RNI Roof Panel Products

Possible Roof Panel products available in zinc aluminium non colour and any colour, thickness from 0.25 mm up to 0.50 mm
(A) RNI Roof Sheet Panel (B) RNI PE Laminated Roof Sheet Panel (C) RNI Roof Tile Panel

RNI Sandwich Panel Products

RNI Roof Sheet Panel RNI Roof Tile Panel

Available all types of composite sandwich panel at any length with following options

Sandwich Panel Type Products Range Composite Sandwich Panel Thickness including Insulation (mm)
20 35 50 75
RNI Roof Sheet Panel Top Sheet 0.35 mm - 0.47 mm
Metal Sheet
Bottom Sheet PVC Paper        
AL Paper        
0.25 mm - 0.35 mm
Metal Sheet
RNI Roof Tile Panel Top Sheet 0.35 mm - 0.47 mm
Metal Sheet
Bottom Sheet PVC Paper        
AL Paper        
0.25 mm - 0.35 mm
Metal Sheet

Table - Possible Sandwich Pannel products available in zinc aluminium non colour and any colour.

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